Sunday Afternoon Baking – Banana Fudge Cookies

Sunday Afternoon Baking – Banana Fudge Cookies

It’s Sunday afternoon. I like to bake on a Sunday, so as BOGG (Big Ol’ Grumpy Git) wandered through the family room, I asked him what sort of cookie he’d like, as I flicked through a lapful of cookery books.

Decisions, decisions!
What to bake?

“Soft and Chewy!” was the reply as he walked from the room.

With a couple of manky bananas languishing on the kitchen table, my eyes fell on my go to baking bible, Short and Sweet by the lovely Dan Lepard.

Skooshing myself from under my books, I set about getting everything I needed for my baking sesh.

Soft butter, bananas, sugars* and vanilla were beaten in a far too small bowl. Consequently, adding the flour, cocoa and oats proved a tad challenging; white and brown powders clung to my top, while the oats scattered like bad dandruff over the work surface. Hey ho!


Ready for throwing in the fridge

Once everything was blended, the bowl was shoved into the fridge to firm up.

To dust or not to dust?

Oven on, then 30 minutes later I’m dolloping balls of chocolatiness onto a couple of baking trays, squishing them down and sifting icing sugar over the majority of them (I left some unadorned to see what they were like – not the brightest idea as I couldn’t tell if they were cooked or burnt!).

15 minutes later, out of the oven and I’m not surprised that they almost merged into one flat biscuit, I’d put too many on the tins and flattened them a bit too well. They’ll be fine crumbled over ice cream.

Good job there was plenty more dough in the fridge!

Better second time around
Attempt two

I hope your cookies fare better than mine – sorry Dan for making a complete balls up, having said that they do taste good 🙂

As with recipes that aren’t my own, I won’t publish them but point you in the direction of my source. Dan’s recipe was published a few years ago now in the Guardian and can be found here – Banana Fudge Cookies

*NB  I didn’t have any soft brown sugar so replaced it with coconut sugar. BIG MISTAKE! That is why they spread so much.

© Lea Harris, In the Kitchen with BakersBunny, 2018.




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