Who is BakersBunny?

‘Food is my passion – in words, in pictures, in cooking, in eating but most of all in sharing!’

To say I’m passionate about food would be an understatement!  I’m Lea Harris and love to bake! I’m an amateur cook, who lives in Edinburgh as a freelance food writer, was on the first series of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ , and firmly believe that food is for sharing, especially baking!

My first experience at making anything was when I was 4 years old, being taught to make jam tarts at the kitchen table with my dad. Over half a century later, I’m still learning and teaching myself new skills.

Whenever I’m abroad, you will find me immersed in the local culture, whether it’s at a market, sniffing out artisan bakeries or eating traditional food in someone’s kitchen. I’m passionate about food in all its guises, championing local producers, artisan bakers, independent coffee shops and cafes in Edinburgh. You will often find me at the various markets in and around the city, talking to the stallholders about their products and how they are made.

Not only do I write about travel and food on my other blog, OfftheEatenTrack, but I have a monthly ‘What’s in Season’ column in Edinburgh foodie magazine, Bite; review for Citylicious and co-wrote Taste Britain by Punk Publishing. I’ve also been a food judge for the Great Taste Awards.

You will find me on Twitter and Instagram as @BakersBunny if you fancy dropping by for a wee chat, a piece of cake and a cuppa!

Thank you for taking time to read In the Kitchen with @Bakersbunny, it’s now time to roll up our sleeves and get cooking!




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