A Glut of Brambles – Part Deux!

Bramble Glut Curd 

Bramble curd with scones

A Glut of Brambles – Part Deux!

Well with the amount of fruit that I’ve amassed over the past few weeks, I really couldn’t leave you, my dear readers, with just one proper bramble recipe.

As I said in my previous post, there are pickles, gin and cider vinegar on the pantry shelves, all stuffed full of autumn’s voluptuous wild berries.

I have loved watching them go from a wishy-washy green to raspberry red through to an almost bible-black, a blue-black berry, staining my fingers with their deep and sensuous violet juice.

Bramble hands

I’m trying to forget the pain of their vicious, wee furry thorns and the painful scratches up my arms, helped by this luscious curd. The colour is so different from the raw fruit – a dusky rose pink.

Pretty in pink!

Use to fill pastry cases and top with meringue or dollop on scones, plop on toast for breakfast or, in my case, sneaking spoonfuls from the jar in the fridge!

Wild Bramble Curd

4 beaten eggs, preferably free-range and/or organic (strained to remove the stringy bits)
8fl oz bramble purée
4oz caster sugar
4oz softened unsalted butter
Squeeze of lemon juice

Chuck everything into a bowl and give a good whisk.
Place bowl over a pan of gently simmering water, making sure the bowl and water don’t touch.
Keep stirring the mix until it starts to thicken and the butter has melted, about ten minutes.
Pour into a sterilised jar. It should keep for about 2-3 weeks in the fridge.

Eggs are delivered to my door by Smashin’ Eggs

(C) Lea Harris, In the Kitchen with BakersBunny, 2016.


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